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LA Creamery

I went to the LA Creamery today to drop off a shipment of candies. They were still in the process of setting up the store, but I could already tell that the store will be beautiful. I had the opportunity to try their peach ice. It was phenomenal! If you get a chance, please go. They’re located in the Topanga Mall near Nordstrom’s on the first floor.

The Day after Thanksgiving

There’s nothing better than fresh-baked bread the day after Thanksgiving. My family made smoked turkey this year so I made sandwiches with cheddar and mayonnaise. It was so good! I just used the recipe from Betty Crocker. It turns out chewy and flavorful.




I tasted 6 butters to figure out which would be the best butter to use in my caramels. I searched the internet for what were considered the best quality butters on the market. The butters that I tested were Straus Family Creamery, Organic Valley, Beurremont, Plugra, and Sierra Nevada Cheese. I posted notes on the butter based on scent and taste. My favorite butter was the Plugra. I like the cultured butter flavor that it adds to my caramels.

Scent: neutral, smells like cookie batter, beautiful yellow color
Taste: batter flavor, watery mouthfeel, neutral flavor


Winchester Cheese

Winchester Cheese Company, located in Winchester, California, is not impressive from the outside. In fact, the whole operation is located in a series of portables. Appearances aside, the cheese is very good. Winchester Cheese makes all of its cheese from raw milk. They only produce Gouda cheese but they have different flavors such as jalapeno gouda and smoked gouda.

My favorite cheese there was the super-aged Gouda. It had a sharp, fruity flavor with a hazelnut aftertaste. It was crystalline and crumbly in texture. I was very impressed. I also tried the King Tut Cheese which is the most...