2005 Domingos de Alves de Sousa Douro Quinta da Gaivosa | Le Bon Garçon
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Last week I made a rare trip to Costco.  Naturally, I gravitated toward the the wine section where I ended up spending about a half hour perusing all the wines that they had.  I finally settled on the 2005 Domingos de Alves de Sousa Douro Quinta da Gaivosa.  I haven't had much wine from Portugal so I was curious.

Douro is mainly known for its port, but I was curious to see what a non-fortified wine tasted like from this region.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I found this wine to be extremely oaky with hints of coffee and blackberry.  This wine is pretty strong at 14% alcohol but I still found it to be well-balanced.  The wine lingers on the tongue and ends with a creamy, yeasty flavor that I normally associate with Sherry. Overall, I enjoyed this wine very much and am glad that I picked it up.

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