First and “Lasting” Impressions: Introducing the Caramel Gold Club | Le Bon Garçon

Although September marks the end of summer for most of us, it is a time for beginnings too. It is the beginning of a new school year. When I think back to when I was in school, I remember how everyone in authority (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.) stressed the importance of making a good first impression at school. I was encouraged to be kind, smile and look both students and teachers in their eyes to make friends and win over teachers. Making a good first impression is still important. It takes about 4 seconds to make that impression. The challenge now is how do you keep it? With advancements in media and technology comes loads of distractions for both kids and adult.

Perhaps we should focus on what is takes to make a positive lasting impression? September kicks off a season of opportunities to make lasting impressions. We can start a new healthy routine, organize a study group and/or start working on holiday plans that will be catalyst for making lasting impressions and memories for the people that are important to us.

As our team at Le Bon Garcon thinks about lasting impressions, we are introducing the Caramel Gold Club this month.

What is the Caramel Gold Club? It is a monthly subscription model so that you can either receive or give Le Bon Garcon caramels each and every month! How is that for a lasting impression!!

What do you get every month?  A 4 oz box of  the flavor of the month, 4 oz bag of salted originals, and a surprise sample.  Valued at $28 For $25 a month. 

Now through the end of September - Sign up for the club and get 50% off your first order. Use promo code #GoldenBeginnings  when you order.

We are launching the club with our classic flavors but stay tuned for new special edition flavors for club members only as well other artisan food offers curated by our Chef Justin Chao.

Lastly, if you are a parent and are looking for something other than an apple to give the teacher, consider sending your kids to school with box of our Bananas Foster caramels; this month’s flavor of the month. Made with bananas, Myer's Rum and molasses.

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