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Every year, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas, I make a fresh loaf of bread to eat Thanksgiving leftovers with.  In past years, I would never take to much turkey home because I wouldn't know what to do with it.  Now that I've started to bake bread, I've noticed that the turkey leftovers are gone within a day or two.

 I recently met Bill Disselhorst, the owner of Fiore Market Cafe.  He told me about Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery's recipe for a no-knead bread.  I rushed out and bought the book the next day because I was so curious about the recipe.  I've tried to make homemade crusty bread in the past but I've never had much luck.  I could never get the crust right.  

 This recipe is so easy and consistently makes a great loaf of bread.  The recipe calls for baking the loaf in a pre-heated cast iron pot.  The inside of the bread is incredibly moist and the crust turns out really crunchy and flavorful.


Click on the link below for the recipe:

New York Times Recipe for No-Knead Bread

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