Fresh Cherry Tart | Le Bon Garçon

By Justin Chao

Fresh Cherry Tart with Amaretto Creme Fraiche Bavarian Filling

Cherries are in season--and curiously, I have never seen a fresh cherry tart before.  After making my first one, I'm not sure why I've never thought of it before.  Fresh cherries are so good on tarts!  This tart has a lemon crust with almond cream baked inside of it.  On top of the almond cream, I put a layer of creme-fraiche bavarian cream that I laced with amaretto. 

Making this tart, I learned a little trick to pitting cherries.  Since I wanted the cherries to stay intact, I didn't want to use a pitter.  Plus, I don't really have room in my kitchen for anything else.  I just used a paperclip that I had unfolded into an "s" shape.  You can then use that to scoop out the pits.  It was quick and the cherries didn't bleed all over the bavarian cream.

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