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I was so happy to participate in Bakesale for Japan on April 2.  According to Samin Nosrat, the organizer of the bakesale, we raised about $120,000 nationwide.  It was lovely to see how everyone banded together for a good cause.  Special thanks to Larry Bressler from Chefs Center of California who went out of his way to provide another venue for the bakesale.  In addition, Larry rallied to get as many people possible either to volunteer or donate baked goods. 



I was very impressed by all of the products at the Pasadena bakesale!  One company that especially stood out was Sabrina’s Sweetery.  Each cookie was so cute.  I could tell that a lot of skill and thought went into each cookie. 





Your caramels were so yummy! I was also impressed by her cookies. My sisters saved me one and I was showing it off at work to everyone the next day. Thank you so much for participating!

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