Domaine Allimant Laugner Cremant D'Alsace Rose NV | Le Bon Garçon

We picked up some wine at Bristol Farms to celebrate our New Year's Eve Star Trek Marathon (I know, so nerdy!)  I decided at the last moment to buy the Domaine Allimant-Laugner Cremant D'Alsace Rosé as an alternative to champagne.  We bought a lot of wine, so we didn't get to drink it until last night.  For a last minute impulse buy, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

 Immediately when we poured the wine, I noticed the beautiful copper rose color of the wine.  The bouquet was very interesting.  I smelled cotton candy, strawberries, wintergreen and a little bit of orange blossom.  On the palate, it had very aggressive bubbles which I liked.  On sipping the wine, I tasted plum and raspberry and vanilla and a slight nuttiness on the finish.  

This wine is 100% pinot noir and is made in the Champagne method.  I definitely suggest picking up a bottle as an good inexpensive alternative to Champagne.

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