Kiss Me, I Am Golden (Introducing #caramelgold) | Le Bon Garçon

I am a golden god #caramelgold"I am a Golden God." Robert Plant's words were forever immortalized in the scene from "Almost Famous" where rockstar Russell jumps from the rooftop into a suburban pool.

Look up "golden" in a urban dictionary and it will tell you it means just the right amount of intoxication. "I am good, I am golden."

We believe in experiencing all kinds of golden moments, being intoxicated on life and simple indulgences. This is the inspiration that flows through every caramel we make.

So we could we share and experience golden moments more with you?

Today I am Golden #caramelgoldThis month look for an announcement from us kicking off a photo contest called #caramelgold.  "Caramel Gold" inspiration transcends past just being golden. It is about being smooth, sweet and sensation-able. We will use the Caramel Gold hashtag to share what inspires us and can't wait to see what inspires you. So start looking for inspiration and feel free to share now.

Oh...and we are spiking our flavor of the month with a little Jameson whiskey for more inspiration and to honor our Irish friends.

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