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Le Bon Garcon goes to Hollywood

I was thrilled when I heard that Le Bon Garcon salted buttermilk caramels would be included in the 2015 Official SAG Awards Gala gift bag. When I found out that Debbie Reynolds would be honored at the awards show on January 25 with a SAG Lifetime Achievement Award, I was even more excited.  I’ve admired Debbie Reynolds ever since I first saw Singin’ in the Rain when I was a teenager. Who can forget that scene where she jumps out of the cake to Gene Kelly's surprise?  Through the years, I have followed Debbie Reynolds career and have grown to admire her even more as I've learned about her career and her personal struggles. Even after three divorces and near financial ruin, Debbie Reynolds has always retained her unsinkable spirit and buoyant sense of humor.  Ms. Reynolds’ unique brand of determination and unique talent have allowed her flourish in the notoriously competitive entertainment industry. Debbie Reynolds is truly a force to be reckoned with and is the living definition of Unsinkable Gold.


What is Unsinkable Gold?

Unsinkable Gold celebrates the individuals who have been able to stand the test of time to truly become iconic. Despite the many challenges that life brings, these individuals continue to shine and never lose what makes them unique.

Are there moments where you just need to let loose and be your unsinkable self no matter what?  Share your #unsinkablegold moments on Twitter and Instagram.


Unsinkable Gold Promotion

In honor of Debbie Reynolds, Le Bon Garcon will be offering our Unsinkable Gold Promotion. Order from our website using promo code, UNSINKABLEGOLD, and get 15% off on your caramel purchase this month. Offer expires February 1, 2015.

PROMO CODE: UNSINKABLEGOLD (expires 2/1/2015.)


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