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 I was listening to Dinner Party Download on NPR yesterday on my way to lunch with my family.  Brendan was at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market talking to David Karp who had just written an article for the LA Times on a newly available Japanese variety of orange, called the Dekopon orange.  Apparently, these oranges have to be hand-picked because they are so delicate.  In addition, when the fruit is first harvested, the fruit is extremely high in acidity.  These oranges must be stored in a certain way so that the sugar content of the orange rises and the tartness of the fruit mellows.  The way David Karp described the fruit was intriguing to me, and it stuck in my mind as something that I would like to try one day. 

Fortunately, I was at Marukai in West LA today and I saw them there.  I immediately picked up a crate of them. 

I finally got home and was excited to try them.  The first thing I noticed is that they are incredibly easy to peel.  The thin skin sits very loosely on the flesh of the fruit.  The other great thing is that the oranges are seedless.  The flesh is also very tender.  Perhaps the best part of eating the fruit is the flavor.  It's very sweet, but it also has the intense citrus flavor of a tangerine.  I highly recommend these oranges. In fact, I've eaten three while writing this blog entry.